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Everything revolves around tradition. Dispensa Emilia is a special place to spend unique moments. Its menu comes from the union of selected typical products and the pleasure of being at the table together to discover the best of Emilian cuisine

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Round, steaming, crispy, tasty. It’s quicker to say good. Tigelle are the queens of Emilia, they carry within them all the treasures of tradition. Dispensa Emilia is full of these treasures: give yourself a round pleasure, they will immediately become a thousand pleasures, for you, every day.

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Tigelle Insalate Lambrusco Tagliatelle

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Dispensa is where your best moments happen. It is where you meet your friends to eat and have a laugh. It is where you celebrate your birthday with your family. It is where you take her on a first date or simply where you have breakfast in the morning. We live intense moments, always together, always with Emilian goodness.

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