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Job Day Fiumicino

September 20, 2023

Clear your schedule and get involved!

Dispensa Emilia is coming to Fiumicino and waiting only for you! If you are a giovano looking for a dynamic, challenging and teamwork job then this is the right professional opprtunity for you.

Come on, you can't miss this opportunity!

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Why is the Dispensa Emilia family

So special?

Straight to the point

Frank and honest, we believe in people and in mutual trust

Reckless? Never!

Each choice reflects on the group, which is why we love to exchange views

Passionate to the core

What keeps us going is the love for good food, and you can see it in every dish

We can always improve

We never stop. We want to improve, improve, and improve some more

The wonderful team

Each of us is important, but together we are invincible

Who works

In Dispensa?

Store manager

The store manager is the leading figure in each restaurant. A store manager establishes the team goals and develops strategies to promote the store. The manager monitors the economic trend and keeps all phases under control: from ingredients to productivity, from maintenance to customer satisfaction.

Assistant store manager

The Assistant supports the store manager. An assistant store manager coordinates the workgroup based on the tasks, on turns of duty, and the operators' skills. In this way, it guarantees an optimal working environment, the high-quality standards of the products and customer service, and also their satisfaction.


A dynamic role which entails contact with the customer as well as more operational tasks. Operators take turns dealing with food preparation, customer service, in-shop sales, and checkout operations. An active role, suitable for energetic and flexible people who love teamwork.

Dispensa Emilia is waiting for you!

If you are a young person looking for a dynamic, challenging and team-oriented experience then this is the right opportunity for you. Apply here or find out about open positions below.

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